Venue: Eagle Crest

Convention Venue

U-Con Gaming Convention
November 17-19, 2017

Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest
1275 South Huron Street, Ypsilanti Township, MI
(734) 487-0600

We are pleased to return to Eagle Crest for our 2017 convention.  We have expanded our space within Eagle Crest to fit more events than ever.

Hotel Reservations – Space is Limited!

We have a block of rooms at the adjoining Marriott for $99 per night.  You can reserve by calling 1.877.757.7133 or 1.800.228.9290 or reserve online using code UCOUCOA until space runs out!  You must identify yourself as a member of the group to receive our room rate.

Reservation deadline is October 16, 2017.

***Update 10/17/2017: the room block at the Marriott is completely sold out and it will not be extended.  Rooms are available at market rate.  There are other hotels in the area with a short drive which have rooms for cheaper than market rate at the Marriott.

Map to Eagle Crest

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2017 Site Map

The registration desk is adjacent to the stairs to the 2nd floor, and the elevator is just behind the stairs.  Board games and miniatures will primarily be downstairs in the Ballroom and adjoining space.  Roleplaying Games will primarily be upstairs in the Conference area.  Auditorium 1 holds the Auction and Smithee Awards.  The Elizabeth Ann Ballroom hosts Pathfinder Society.  Exhibitors will be in Auditorium 2 near registration on the first floor.  The clubhouse will be used Saturday for the Dominion Tournament and a couple board game events.  The Ballroom and some Conference rooms will remain open for late night open gaming!

  • First Floor Areas: Registration Desk, Food Service, Ballroom, Exhibitors’ Hall (Auditorium 2), Atrium (Fri/Sat only), Auditorium 1 (Fri/Sat only)
  • Second Floor Areas: Conference A-H, Seminar 1-5, Board Room
  • Clubhouse

First Floor:


  • Registration Desk
  • Food Service: Atrium (moved from 2016 location)
  • Ballroom: Board Games, Miniatures, and a few RPGs
  • Exhibitor’s Hall: Also known as Auditorium 2
  • Atrium: Open gaming, and lunch & dinner seating
  • Auditorium 1: Auction, Smithees, special events
  • Elizabeth Ann Room: Pathfinder Society
  • View Bar & Hotel Restaurant: Special events, in the Marriott

Second Floor:

  • Conference A: RPG events
  • Conference B: We Hate Bards
  • Conference C: Contessa
  • Conference D: Adventurer’s League
  • Conference E: RPG events
  • Conference F: RPG events
  • Conference G: Games on Demand
  • Conference H: Old School Roleplaying (OSR)
  • Board Room: Guest of Honor Events
  • Seminar 1-4: RPG events
  • Seminar 5: Tekumel Track events


  • A short walk from the main building, the clubhouse will host the Dominion Tournament.

Our board and miniatures gaming space is just down the hall from the registration desk in the ballroom.  Now that the whole ballroom is dedicated to gaming, we’ve laid it out a little differently this year.  We’re using the hallway space on the left side of the map for additional gaming space.  The Library area is in the back left corner of the main room, and the area will close at night.  Miniatures will take up a large portion of the room on the right side.  There are scheduled events on all of these tables, so please look for the table schedules on each table before choosing to hang out at a table.

U-Con 2015 Ballroom Layout - CLEAN

There is plenty of space to fill up your weekend with tons of games.  Please come and join in the fun!