We appreciate everyone who puts forth their time to support U-Con.  This includes everyone from the convention chair down to every gamemaster and volunteer.  If you are interesting in doing more, then here are some options.

Exhibitors are companies or individuals who sell gaming-related material during our convention.  We host them in a hall of exhibitors with it’s own special hours.

Advertisers can promote their products and businesses via our website and in our convention book, which is distributed to all attendees onsite.

Gamemasters are the soul of the convention.  They select the games and activities that they enjoy, design an event, and bring that event to U-Con to share with others.

Judges are a type of gamemaster who participate in organized play or living campaign events.  Judges will work with an event coordinator to select the slots and modules they will run.

Volunteers are folks to keep the convention running smoothly.  Volunteers work directly with staff members, often assisting with customer service in registration.  Volunteering is great gateway for learning more about how the convention operates.