Prize Support Donors

A vital part of U-Con and all gaming, really, is prizes!

And without our Prize Support Donors, we’d be a very poor Con.

Thank you, thank you, Prize Support Donors, winning isn’t everything, but you help make it so much sweeter at U-Con.


*** U-Con’s 2017 Top Prize Support Donors ***


*** U-Con’s 2016 Top Prize Support Donors ***

*** ACD Distribution ***

*** Chaosium Inc. ***

** U-Con’s Premium Prize Support Donors **


Black Spindle Games




Greater Than Games


Hero Games


Level 99 Games

* U-Con’s Prize Support Donors *




Asmadi Games




Cheapass Games


Czech Games Edition


Dragon Knight Publishing


Dan Verssen Games


dv Giochi


Evil Hat Productions


Frog God Games


Funagain Games


GMT Games


Goodman Games


Genius Games




Lame Mage Productions


Magpie Games


Looney Labs


Pelgrane Press


Tasty Minstrel Games


Slugfest Games


Timeline Ltd.


Zvezda Games

From we have a special donation, a puzzle custom-made for U-Con! Download this file.
Send your solution to Kate at k a d o n AT g a m e p u z z l e s . c o m for a special prize!