Scavenger Hunt

2017 Scavenger Hunt


2016 Scavenger Hunt

The Curious Cape-and-Cutlass Crusade

Saturday, November  12

10 am – 10 pm

Ahoy, swashbuckling pirates!

Assemble, valiant superheroes!

Welcome to the Fourth Annual U-Con Scavenger Hunt!

On behalf of U-Con 2016, the Amazons of Paradise Island invite you to participate in the weekend’s most challenging and exciting event: The Curious Cape-and-Cutlass Crusade!  (CCCC for short)

Many great warriors have sought to ply their wits and strength in such a contest, but this year we have chosen only a few—and those few are either Superheroes or Pirates.

We honor and support the efforts of Superheroes to use their special abilities to change the world for the better.

While Pirates can never be accused of such lofty goals, we cannot help but be impressed by their wily tenacity and strength of will.

Hence, we welcome your Superhero and Pirate teams to our great competition!

Free with your Badge!
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Download Instruction Here:

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