U-Con Gaming Convention November 11-13, 2016, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Role Playing, Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, LARPs, Specialty Tracks, Exhibitors' Hall, Auction, and much more!

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5798 D&D 1e: Blizzard on the Borderland, GM: Bill Barsh, 8 players, Some XP/Average, Saturday 9a-1p. Winter has struck and the Keep struggles to combat the cold and snow. Worse still, an ancient evil hides behind the piercing wind and ice waiting to destroy all in its icy clutch! This adventure supplement details several encounters to bolster TSR’s B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. This is Pacesetter's latest adventure in its TSR sequel series. The events of this adventure take place just after the PCs have completed B2 Keep on the Borderlands. However, no previous experience with that module is required for this event. B2.5 Blizzard on the Borderland is an adventure for eight characters of second to third level using the First Edition game rules. Pre-generated characters will be provided. Conference E Table 8. $3.00


5799 D&D 5e: Felhorde, GM: Ben Barsh, 8 players, Some XP/Average, Saturday 2p-6p. The dragon was dead and only his lair needed to be looted; but few things are as dangerous as a dead dragon. After a harrowing trek through the dragon's lair, the adventurers finally arrived at the treasure vault only to watch a group of chasm gnomes disappear into the darkness below. The chase is on into the Deep! But worse things than chasm gnomes lurk in its depths... Felhorde was originally designed as a tournament adventure for the 2014 North Texas RPG Con where it was the featured AD&D Open Event. It has been expanded and revised for use with the 5th Edition system. Ben Barsh of Pacesetter Games & Simulations will DM the event. Pre-generated characters will be provided. Conference E Table 8. $3.00