U-Con Gaming Convention November 17-19, 2017, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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6173 Princes of Florence, GM: Eric McGlohon, 5 players, No XP/Average, Saturday 11a-12p. Players attract artists and scholars trying to become the most prestigious family in Florence. Each player is given a palace grid and reference chart and attempts to gain the most victory points after seven rounds. Scoring victory points can be done in a variety of ways, although most will be earned by playing profession cards to generate work points. There are a variety of professions such as astronomers, organists, and architects. Each is attracted to a particular combination of building, landscape feature, and social freedom. The more the player can match these preferences, the more work points are generated. If a player satisfies the minimum requirement of work points, which increases each round, then the work can be created and the player can then trade the work points for cash and/or victory points. Ballroom Table 412. $2.00


6171 Dune, GM: Eric McGlohon, 6 players, No XP/Average, Saturday 7p-11p. Set thousands of years in the future, Dune the boardgame is based on the Frank Herbert novels about an arid planet at the heart of the human space empire's political machinations. Designed by the creators at Eon, of Cosmic Encounter fame, some contend that the game can best be described as Cosmic Encounter set within the Dune universe, but the two games bear little in common in the actual mechanics or goals; they're just both set in space. Like Cosmic Encounter, it is a game that generates a lot of player interaction through negotiation and bluffing, but that can be said of numerous unrelated games. Players each take the role of one of the factions attempting to control Dune. Each faction has special powers that overlook certain rules in the game. Each turn, players move about the map attempting to pick up valuable spice while dealing with giant sandworms, deadly storms, and other players' military forces. A delicate political balance is formed amongst the factions to prevent any one side from becoming too strong. When a challenge is made in a territory, combat takes the form of hidden bids with additional treachery cards to further the uncertainty. The game concludes when one faction (or two allied factions) is able to control a certain number of strongholds on the planet. Ballroom Table 305. $4.00



6172 Flick 'em Up!, GM: Eric McGlohon, 10 players, No XP/Simple, Sunday 10a-11a. The cities in the West are not the safest place to be. In the disc-flicking game Flick 'em Up!, you can become an outlaw and rob banks, free prisoners, attack innocent bystanders... or you could become the Sheriff and try to protect the people of your city from these bandits! Ballroom Table 413. $2.00


6174 Terror in Meeple City: Rampage!, GM: Eric McGlohon, 4 players, No XP/Simple, Sunday 2p-3p. As a gigantic, famished, scaly-skinned monster, dig your claws and dirty paws into the asphalt, destroy buildings, and devour innocent meeples in short: sow terror while having fun. The monster who has caused the most damage after the carnage finally ends wins the game. Ballroom Table 304. $2.00