U-Con Gaming Convention November 17-19, 2017, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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6587 Realms of Fantasy: The Great Mutant Escape - Cancelled, GM: Michael Miller (We Hate Bards), 0 players, No XP/Simple, Friday 2p-6p. We’ve been pushed around long enough, being slaves to the so called “higher” races! We have a plan: one that will get us out of this filthy dungeon and perhaps revenge on those that have spent a lifetime of abusing us. Seminar 3. $4.00


6588 Realms of Fantasy: Cloister of the Frog God, GM: Michael Miller (We Hate Bards), 9 players, No XP/Simple, Friday 7p-11p. On a desolate ridge overlooking vast swampland lies a fallen sanctuary to the terrible god Tsathogga. Still half-broken evil lies in the ruins, refusing to die. Conference B Table 5. $4.00


6384 City of Spies: Estoril 1942, GM: Jason Miller, 4 players, No XP/Average, Friday 10p-12a. Estoril is small town near Lisbon, Portugal. Having a casino, beach and wonderful weather, the region was a center of diplomacy- and spying- during World War II. In City Of Spies: Estoril 1942, players are competing against each other to form the most powerful and influential secret organization of spies. Based on historical facts, the game takes place on famous locations in Estoril. Six locations are randomly selected to be used for the first round, such as casinos, hotels, beaches, etc. Control of these will be fought over in each of the four rounds of the game. Special Agents are then placed on each location as the reward for who have the most influence on that location. Players begin the game with the same hand of Agents (tiles) and will take turns placing these tiles in the open spaces of the various locations on the board. At the end of each round players check each location to see which player gains the reward for that location. At the end of the fourth round, players will total up the points of their Agents plus any special game objective they might have completed. Whoever has the most points wins. Ballroom Table 309. $2.00



6385 Inis, GM: Jason Miller, 4 players, No XP/Average, Saturday 11a-1p. Inis is a game deeply rooted in Celtic history and lore in which players win by being elected King of the Island (Inis). Players can try to achieve one of three different victory conditions: Leadership: Be the leader — i.e., have more clan figures than any other player — of territories containing at least six opponents' clans. Land: Have your clans present in at least six different territories. Religion: Have your clans present in territories that collectively contain at least six sanctuaries. Over the course of the game, players also earn deeds, typically chanted by bards or engraved by master crafters, that reduce by one the magic total of six for any condition. While one victory condition is enough to claim the title of King, a game of experienced players usually has a tight balance of power, emphasizing the leadership of the capital of the island. At the start of each round, players draft a hand of four action cards (with 13 action cards for three players and 17 for four players) during the Assembly. Action cards not played at the end of one season are not held for the next. Players also have access to leader cards for the territories that allow it and where they were elected leader during the assembly. Each Assembly reallocates those cards. Finally, they collect "epic tales" cards that depict the deeds of the ancient Irish gods and heroes, like Cuchulainn, the Dagda, Lugh and many others. These will be kept and used to inspire the clans and achieve extraordinary feats...under the right circumstances. The cards provide a variety of actions: adding clans, moving clans, building/exploring, and special actions. Careful drafting, hand management, bluffing (especially once players understand the importance of passing their turn), good timing, and a precise understanding of the balance of power are the keys to victory. Ballroom Table 309. $2.00


6589 Call Of Cthulhu: Cthulhu Classics, GM: Michael Miller (We Hate Bards), 9 players, Some XP/Simple, Saturday 2p-6p. Tsathogghua’s curse awaits the unwelcomed investigators of the occult and unknown. What grim secrets lurk on the sterile Greenland icecap? Seminar 3. $4.00


6590 Realms of Fantasy: The Black Forest Festival of Arms, GM: Michael Miller (We Hate Bards), 9 players, No XP/Simple, Saturday 7p-11p. It’s that time of year again. Her Majesties Royal Guard and village-masters have called for their annual battle-royal, and you have joined the rounds -- to the death! A mid-level character brawl where the last player standing wins a free copy of Realms of Fantasy Sourcebook I: Wizards & Warriors. Characters will be created or provided, player choice. Conference B Table 5. $4.00



6386 Concordia: Salsa, GM: Jason Miller, 5 players, No XP/Average, Sunday 10a-1p. Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire ruled the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. With peace at the borders, harmony inside the provinces, uniform law, and a common currency, the economy thrived and gave rise to mighty Roman dynasties as they expanded throughout the numerous cities. Guide one of these dynasties and send colonists to the remote realms of the Empire; develop your trade network; and appease the ancient gods for their favor — all to gain the chance to emerge victorious! Concordia is a peaceful strategy game of economic development in Roman times for 2-5 players aged 13 and up. Instead of looking to the luck of dice or cards, players must rely on their strategic abilities. Be sure to watch your rivals to determine which goals they are pursuing and where you can outpace them! In the game, colonists are sent out from Rome to settle down in cities that produce bricks, food, tools, wine, and cloth. Each player starts with an identical set of playing cards and acquires more cards during the game. These cards serve two purposes. They allow a player to choose actions during the game. They are worth victory points (VPs) at the end of the game. Concordia is a strategy game that requires advance planning and consideration of your opponent's moves. Every game is different, not only because of the sequence of new cards on sale but also due to the modular layout of cities. When all cards have been sold or after the first player builds his 15th house, the game ends. The player with the most VPs from the gods (Jupiter, Saturnus, Mercurius, Minerva, Vesta, etc.) wins the game. Ballroom Table 309. $4.00