U-Con Gaming Convention November 11-13, 2016, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Role Playing, Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, LARPs, Specialty Tracks, Exhibitors' Hall, Auction, and much more!

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5168 Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition: The Derelict - CANCELLED, GM: Walter Schirmacher, 0 players, No XP/Average, Friday 3p-7p. Despite the concerns and worries of life, a final voyage is being made on the luxury yacht Delilah, taking the vessel from America to its new owner in England. What promises to be a pleasurable journey across the ocean descends into a desperate struggle for survival. Conference B Table 3. $3.00



5167 Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space RPG: Countdown - CANCELLED, GM: Walter Schirmacher, 0 players, No XP/Simple, Saturday 2p-6p. A dangerous gravity bubble appears and rips the TARDIS out of the vortex, landing it on an Earth Empire ship on an emergency mission to deliver vital serum to a plague-ridden world. Before the adventure is over, the Timelord and his companions must contend with a death dealing gravity bubble, a ship's paranoid computer, space pirates, and an attack by androids. Conference H Table 1. $3.00



5169 Gamma World 3rd Edition: Alpha Factor - CANCELLED, GM: Walter Schirmacher, 0 players, No XP/Average, Sunday 9a-1p. MIndkeep. The very name is mysterious. Why was it built? Who built it? What is its secret? Your elite group of adventures must find MIndkeep and learn its secret. Others have tried and failed. The surrounding area is filled with mutations that are strange, even for Gamma World. The trek is long and difficult, across areas that are not well-known. Keep your wits about you, or you may lose everything! Conference E Table 6. $3.00