U-Con Gaming Convention November 11-13, 2016, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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5806 Swords and Wizardry: The Lighthouse of Anan Marath - CANCELLED, GM: James Stanton, 0 players, Some XP/Average, Friday 8p-12a. Generations ago, the Lighthouse of Anan Marath was the pride and joy of the seaside village of Saemish. It brought trade and prosperity to the small town; despite it being at the edge of the great salt swamp. However, an evil lurked within, as the priests who tended it were secretly servants of the vile sea god, Dagon. Twenty-years ago, the lighthouse was cleared of the vile cultists and their minions, yet the light was put out, and since, the paranoid folk of the town have avoided the cursed place. Now, a new council member seeks to regain some of the fame the small town once held, and has begun recruiting local and out of town adventurers to investigate and relight the beacon at the top of the keep that once shined so brightly. You have been chosen to be part of that group. Conference E Table 6. $3.00