U-Con Gaming Convention November 11-13, 2016, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Role Playing, Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, LARPs, Specialty Tracks, Exhibitors' Hall, Auction, and much more!

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5562 DragonQuest: Magebird Quest, GM: Rodger Thorm, 6 players, Some XP/Average, Friday 8p-12a. Search for the Azure Sea Falcon. Make a fantastic quest for a rare item which involves a perilous journey over land and sea to the rugged crags of the Rookeries. One of the few Judges Guild modules published for DragonQuest. This will be a segment of the larger quest presented in the module. Conference E Table 3. $3.00



5315 Tekumel (Bethorm): The 7th Rite of Training, GM: Krista Donnelly, 6 players, No XP/Simple, Saturday 9a-1p. All priests of Hru'u, the Supreme Principle of Change, the Opponent of Permanence, the Lord of Confusion, must survive the Ten Rites of Training to advance within the Temple. The 7th Rite is reputed to be like the number 7, dark and malignant, but ever moving. You are about to find out the truth as you wait for the Rite to begin. Seminar 5. $3.00


5563 DragonQuest: Wylashtin's Task, GM: Rodger Thorm, 6 players, Some XP/Average, Saturday 8p-12a. The wizard Wylashtin has learned the location of a hidden dungeon that contains artifacts of great interest and needs brave adventurers to explore and recover them. Conference E Table 3. $3.00



5314 Tekumel (Bethorm): The Glory of the Past, GM: Krista Donnelly, 6 players, No XP/Simple, Sunday 9a-1p. The Governor of Tu'unmra is newly married and desirous of gifting his bride with a family heirloom. But the heirloom was lost during the Great War of 2020 A.S. Whoever finds it stands to reap a great reward, unless too many unpleasant accusations surface during the search . . . Seminar 5. $3.00