U-Con Gaming Convention November 17-19, 2017, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Board and Card Games



6610 Kingdom Death: Monster, GM: Jason Sonk, 4 players, No XP/Complex, Saturday 8p-12a. Kingdom Death: Monster is a fully cooperative tabletop game. Set in a unique nightmarish world devoid of most natural resources, you control a settlement at the dawn of its existence. Fight monsters, craft weapons and gear, and develop your settlement to ensure the survival of your settlement from generation to generation. This session is intended to teach the game to new players. This will be a short campaign of 2-3 encounters. Mature Content (18+) Ballroom Table 304. $4.00


7078 Stoner Fluxx, GM: Pritpaul Mahal, 6 players, No XP/Simple, Saturday 11p-12a. It's Fluxx, the card game with the ever-changing rules...on weed. For adults. In Fluxx, the cards played determine the rules of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win. Mature Content (18+) Ballroom Table 312. $2.00