January Games Library Day

Sadly, I don't think I've ever escaped Escape.

Games Library Day: The New Year edition will be on Sunday, January 14th. Meet at Arbor Brewing Company’s Microbrewery in Ypsilanti (“The Corner”) at noon, play games until 4pm (or more). I’ll bring a selection of games from The Games Library and if there is something on that list you’d like to play, give me a holler (here, or on the FB page) and I’ll pack it up. It’s a free, fun and fantastic event so if you have come into some new games, why not bring them along for a test spin?


2018 Games Library Days

…are going to be working slightly differently this year. The Corner is scheduling them on a month by month basis so keep checking back on social media and this page, which I am planning on updating more frequently because of this new development. We are officially confirmed for January 14, 2018 while the rest of the Games Library Days are listed (but not yet confirmed) here.

Some numbers from U-Con 2017

Hi everybody! It’s been a few weeks since U-Con 2017, and we can’t say thanks enough for coming.

Thanks to our Games Librarian Jeannette for putting together together some numbers about how you used the Games Library this year! – Last year, her records showed that 124 games were checked out (127 for U-Con 2015) but this year? 166 checkouts. Donations to the library continue to come in, so look forward to an even bigger and more diverse library in 2018! This year, our most popular games were Patchwork (one of the newest games) with 9 checkouts. Suspend was super popular with 7 check outs while Codenames followed closely with 6. Tsuro, Splendor, Spot it, and King of Tokyo all stomped in at 5 checkouts.

For more details, see her full post!

If you were too busy with scheduled events this year, don’t worry! You can still come out to check out our next Games Library Day on December 10. Thanks to everyone who’s filled out our survey about your experiences this year. You still have a few days left if you’d like to share your opinions with us!

So far, it looks like our current version of in-person ticketing is more popular than any other option. Most of our respondents won 3 or 4 tickets, so it looks like some congratulations are in order! Many folks saved their tokens for next year, so competition for games from prize support may heat up earlier in the weekend in 2018.

Speaking of 2018, don’t forget to save the date for next U-Con. We’ll see you at the same place next year. November 9-11, 2018.

And finally, thanks to our Tech Chair Laura, for running our final numbers. We’re happy to announce U-Con continues to grow 🙂 This was our biggest U-Con ever, with over 1,000 attendees!



December Games Library Day

It’s December, it’s the Second Sunday of the month (12/10), are you ready to get some December gaming going? We will be gaming at The Arbor Brewing Company in Ypsilanti (720 Norris Street) from noon to 4pm.

I have some new Games Library Games…including a suggestion I received at U-Con for a game that’s been on my wish list since it came out. So I bought it. Come play Terriforming Mars, or any of the other select games that show up at December’s GLD. Got a new game? Bring it! Got a seasonal game? Bring it? Want to play a specific game from the Games Library? (Clicky!), drop me a line and I’ll pack it up for you.

As an extra bonus, if you volunteered at U-Con 2017, come to December’s Games Library Day for a thank you day of gaming and pizza. We couldn’t have done the con without you!

2017 U-Con survey

Thanks again everyone for coming out this year! We’ve put together a brief survey for you to let us know how this year went for you so we can make it even better next year. You can help make U-Con 2018 (Nov 9 – 11) great by taking a few minutes to give us some feedback 🙂


Thank you for a great year!

Thanks everyone for coming out! We had a great time, and we hope you did too 🙂 If you can’t wait until next year, you can see us again at our next Games Library Day on Sunday, December 10th at noon at the Ypsi Arbor Brewing.


Dreamwell 2017

Don’t forget to save the date for next year. We’ll see you at the same place next year. November 9-11, 2018. We’ve heard some folks have already put in for the vacation days at work, but you can probably hold off for a few weeks if you need.

We’ll put up photos a little later this week. If you have any you’d like to share, shoot us a note and we’ll make sure you’re credited if we post it!

Today’s the day!

Whoo, it’s here! Hope to see you all soon 🙂

Gamemaster Instructions


Sample Gamemaster Worksheet

Thank you for running events at U-Con!  U-Con is only possible because of the games that you and other dedicated gamemasters bring.  We hope you have a fantastic time at the convention!

We simplified our paperwork in order to get you to gaming even faster.  Here are some instructions to help you understand what to expect and to make your experience as smooth as possible.

When you arrive onsite, please check in with Registration to pick up your badge and event worksheets.  If you are a GM with a group such as Pathfinder Society, Adventurer’s League, Games on Demand, or TSA Games please pick up your badge from your group leader.  You may also need to stop at Registration to pick up any tickets for which you preregistered.

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Prize Support at U-Con 2017

U-Con 2017 prize support is going to be exciting again this year. We have hundreds of games to choose from, ranging between 1 and 9 prize tokens. They’ve been generously donated by companies such as ACD Distribution, Cheapass Games, Looney Labs, Goodman Games and all the rest as shown on the Prize Support web page. You’ll get a chance to win prize tokens at almost every event at this year’s Con! And make sure to bring in your saved-up tokens from prior U-Cons as they’re good from year to year. When you have one or more tokens, go ‘shop’ at the prize support item display near registration and enjoy your new prize!

In addition, we’re bringing back the prize raffle! Saturday evening at 6:45pm and Sunday late morning at 11:45am we’ll draw for winners of prizes by Elderwood Academy, ACD Distribution, and other exciting items. Everyone gets one free raffle entry with their badge, so make sure to enter! Plus you’ll be able to use prize support tokens to get more raffle entries, one token per extra entry. Please note that to win you have to be present at the drawing, which will be at the registration desk, and holding the winning raffle ticket. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Countdown to U-Con – 2 days left!

Preparation tips:

For first time visitors and veterans alike, the excitement of the games can sometimes overshadow the practical, physical demands of your body and brain. Here are some quick reminders.

5 – 2 – 1 rule: This generally stands for 5 (or 6 or 3) hours of sleep, 2 meals, 1 shower. Get all of these things every day. Missing an hour of sleep over the course of the weekend won’t kill you, but you’ll regret staying up for 3 days straight come Monday morning. Personally, I’m more of a 6 – 3 – 1 type, but do what’s right for you. If I’m starting to feel tired, sometimes sneaking off to my room in the evening to catch a second shower is just what the doctor ordered, or maybe I just need a quick nap after lunch. Think about what helps you function best and plan it out ahead of time.

Stay healthy: This is the time of year when people are starting to get sick. Maybe you are too, but you’ve already paid and you’re so excited and you’re not going to miss this just because of a few sniffles and maybe it’s just allergies and … WASH YOUR HANDS! We’re all touching the same game pieces, so please don’t be gross and let’s all help each other stay healthy. Bring hand sanitizer. If you’re starting to feel sniffly, bring tissues. If you sneeze, cover your face. By doing a couple simple things, we can make sure that we all have the best time.

Be prepared: Did you remember to pack your lucky dice? Now take a quick second and think about if you’re hungry or thirsty. Where are you at? Is it easy to rectify that? Now think about being hungry or thirsty in the middle of a game. Not so much fun 🙁 To help avoid this, pack some snacks. Try to think of things that won’t make your hands all messy. Having a water on hand will probably help you not get jittery from drinking nothing but coffee and Mountain Dew all weekend. Maybe you want a notebook to write down impressions of new games, or to help you remember what you want to ask Santa for. Would having an extra shirt help keep you warm if the A/C were set cooler than you expect?

Spend a couple minutes over the next few days to put together a packing list to help make sure you have the funnest time possible!