About U-Con

U-Con is an annual gaming convention founded in 1989. It attracts gamers from Southeast Michigan, across the United States, and several other countries. U-Con offers high-quality events across the spectrum of gaming: tabletop, role playing games, board and card games, miniatures, live action role playing (LARP), and more. U-Con offers unique opportunities to play with industry Guests of Honor in the games they created!

U-Con Gaming Convention is run by U-Con Gaming Club, a registered non-profit.  We are an all volunteer organization!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!


The first U-Con was actually called Michi-Mini Con, held in spring of 1989, followed by the first U-Con in the fall of 1989.  Conventions from 1989-2010 were held at the University of Michigan Michigan Union.  In 2011 we moved the convention to a local hotel.  We are the largest and longest-lasting gaming-focused convention in Michigan.

U-Con has been made possible by many dedicated volunteers over the years.  The con was run for 23 years by student organizations, the Wolverine Gaming Club and the U-Con Gaming Club.  In 2012, the leadership of U-Con founded a non-profit organization to organize the convention.

If you want to get involved in organizing the convention, please start by becoming a volunteers.  We hope the convention lasts for many seasons to come!

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