Gamemasters are the entertainers and creative forces crucial to the success of U-Con. We appreciate your contributions, and we wish to make your convention experience enjoyable!

Benefits & Responsibilities

Anyone may run events at the convention. If you meet certain requirements, then you are entitled to a few benefits.

6+ Hours

  • One gamemaster badge

16+ Hours

  • One gamemaster badge
  • Generic “Play Games All Weekend” Ribbon

Gamemaster Deposit

We ask each gamemaster to send us a $10 deposit. This deposit signifies your commitment to provide your time and talent to the convention as we reserve space for your event. Gamemasters who fail to appear for their games forfeit their deposit. Contacting registration in advance of the convention is the best way to avoid this scenario.

Instructions for deposits are sent to you by email when we receive your event submission. After the opening of preregistration, deposits can also be made by registering for a gamemaster badge.

Group Events

Gamemasters groups may submit their events to us under a group name. If they do so, we will provide gamemaster badges for your GMs to your event organizer who submitted the events. We suggest you set your own schedule for your events and we will provide the space. Individuals within the group should coordinate with your organizer to receive your badges at the convention. Please contact the event coordinator if you need additional help or have any questions.

Organized Play Gamemasters and Judges

This page provides information for individual and small-group gamemasters. You might be looking for:

Games on Demand Event Submission

Gamemasters for Games on Demand also qualify for a Gamemaster badge by running 6 or more hours of events. However, the signup process is different. Head over to the Games on Demand page for information on how to sign up.

If you are running both standard events and Games on Demand events you will need to submit events using both processes as appropriate for the event type.

Event Submission on Behalf of Children

Children 12 and under who wish to gamemaster: please have a parent or guardian fill out the event submission form and contact the event coordinator for assistance.

Event Submission

Online Submission

Starting in 2018, a login account on U-Con’s website is required to submit events. Please use our online event submission form to tell us about your planned events and setup needs. If you have multiple events, follow the prompts to add them.  We ask for:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Titles and description of each event, including complexity and recommended ages
  • Scheduling preferences, including how much time to reserve for your event(s)

If you have trouble creating your account or submitting your events, or if you need to change your event information for any reason, please contact us for assistance. We will do our best to accommodate your requests regarding the schedule. We will accept submissions before the final event submission deadline and add them to the schedule as space allows.

As your event are scheduled, the schedule information will become available to you on your “envelope” page after you log in. As players register, you will be able to see the number of players currently ticketed for your event, which updates as tickets are purchased or returned during the convention.

Check in Procedures

When the convention date nears, please check the website event listings ahead of time to determine the final schedule of your events, and contact us if there is a problem. An easy way to find your schedule is to type your last name into the event search page.

Badges, tickets, and event worksheets are picked up onsite at Registration during convention hours. We do not mail anything in advance. The gamemaster is responsible for other materials necessary to run the event (e.g. a board game or rpg characters). Any exceptions to this rule of thumb should be mentioned in your event description (e.g. “please bring 4th level characters”).

When you arrive at the convention please report to registration for GM checkin.  We will have signs to direct you to registration when you arrive.  For groups, the organizer will pick up all the materials for the group and distribute them to individual gamemasters. Be sure to bring your photo ID.

Checkout Procedure and Refund

Upon completion of your last event, come to registration to receive the refund of your GM deposit. Please be sure you have turned in all your event worksheets, even for events which did not have enough players to run.

We hesitate to take action against GMs, but we will do so if we believe that a gamemaster has not fulfilled their responsibilities. Punitive actions depend on the circumstances and may include the forfeiture of the GM deposit and/or the rejection of events submitted in the future. These measures are extremely rare, but we reserve these rights in order to ensure that everyone contributes to U-Con’s success.

We graciously appreciate all donations of deposits. All the proceeds go toward running future U-Cons.

Thank you!

Your games are the reason that gamers come to the convention. U-Con would cease to exist without the talent you bring. Thank you very much for your contributions!