Gamemaster Instructions

Thank you for running events at U-Con!  U-Con is only possible because of the games that you and other dedicated gamemasters bring.  We hope you have a fantastic time at the convention!

Start your event

Please wait 10 minutes for players to arrive, and check that all your players have valid badges.  Ask any players without a proper badge to visit Registration. Allow players into your event in this priority:

  1. Players with tickets to your specific event
  2. Players with generic tickets or “Play Games All Weekend” ribbons on a first-come first-serve basis

Fill out event worksheet

  • Check the number of generic tickets required for entry.  Some events require multiple generics.
  • Enter the number of players with specific tickets, generic tickets, and ribbons.
  • Add the number of players to get the totals.
  • Circle the prize token eligibility based on the number of players.
  • Affix all tickets and use the back as necessary.

Prize Support

U-Con has some prize support provided by donations and our vendors.  Your event’s eligibility information is included on your event worksheet.  If eligible, prize tokens will be provided by the event runner. If necessary, use an alternate means of determining a winner.  For example, have players vote for the most fun player or just roll dice. Note: the winner must have supplied a tickets or be wearing an event ribbon to win a prize token.  Prize tokens can be redeemed at Registration until it closes on Sunday.

Event Runners

A volunteer will come by during your event to collect your event worksheet.  In order to minimize the interruption, please have your event worksheet filled out ready and hand in your event worksheets to get a prize token (if applicable).  If you prefer to not have your game interrupted, please let Registration know. Direct any and all feedback about the prize support policy to the chair, not the event runner!

Reclaim Your Deposit

If you sent us a gamemaster deposit or paid $10 for a gamemaster badge you may come to Registration after your last event to claim your GM refund.  In the case of GMs with events running up to the convention close, please come earlier on Sunday to receive your refund. You may also choose to donate your deposit to support next year’s convention!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have enough players.  What now? What a bummer!  Please bring any players to Registration who need a refund.  You may turn in your event worksheet directly to Registration rather than wait for the event runner.  You can also get your GM deposit back if this was your last event.
  • What should I do if no runner picks up my event info?  We apologize for the inconvenience!  Please bring your worksheet to Registration following your event.  If your event is eligible, kindly bring your event winner to Registration to receive his or her prize token.
  • Who will assist with a facility problem? Contact Registration (or tell your event runner) about facility issues like trash, the water station, or if a restroom needs some attention.
  • My assigned table was occupied!  What should I do? First, scheduled events have priority so politely ask the occupiers to move.  If that does not resolve the situation, contact Registration to have a staff member resolve the situation.