The Morning After

covergraphicOne more U-Con is in the books.  Thank you very much to our guests of honor, our OSR track sponsor Open Gaming Store, the Marriott and Eagle Crest, Dobby Doodles for our artwork, event photographer Adam Vale, the multitude of exhibitors, and all of the companies to donated prize support.  Though we will be working to finalize the numbers over the coming weeks, however this was a record setting year for U-Con in terms of our event space, number and variety of events, and our attendance.  We would like to see everyone back next year, so mark your calendars!

U-Con 2016
November 11-13, 2016
Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest

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OSR Track

The con kicks off today with Registration opening at 8am and events starting at 9am.  Among the con’s highlights is the OSR Track which is continuing from 2014.

The OSR Track has received sponsorship from the Open Gaming Store.  Because of their generous support, we were able to bring Guest of Honor Bill Webb and Special Guest Jim Wampler!


Bill Webb

  • Bill will participate in the Friday 6pm OSR round table discussion.  Join us in Auditorium 1, which down the hall from the Exhibitor Hall.
  • Bill is running brand new Swords and Wizardry games on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm.  Hegot really ambitious and opened them up to UP TO 20 PLAYERS PER GAME!
  • Jillian, Bill’s daughter, will run an event on Saturday at 1pm.  Even Bill doesn’t know what’s in it, but you can be sure she was trained by the best!
  • Saturday at 6pm, we’re celebrating Bill’s birthday!
  • Bill will be signing books from the Open Gaming Store booth during some of his free time.  Stop by and say hi!

Jim Wampler

  • See Jim at the Friday 6pm OSR round table discussion.  It’s in the new space Auditorium 1, which down the hall from the Exhibitor Hall.
  • Jim is running a Dungeon Crawl Classics event, and a Mutant Crawl Classics event.  The latter is a playtest of a game to be Kickstarted in 2016!

There are so many more event on the OSR Track.  Find them in [[Site Map|Conference H].  All the OSR events are listed in our con book and on our website. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to find the track’s special events!

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Prize Support

Check out all its majesty!

Check out all its majesty!

Some of our games this year have prize support provided by the Envoy program from Double Exposure.  When you play in a participating game, you are entered for a raffle to win the play copy.  See the Envoy table in the Ballroom for details.

Most other events are in the U-Con prize pool.  Each eligible event will receive a U-Con prize token for one of the players.   In cases where there is not a clear game winner, the method of selecting the event winner is up to the gamemaster, for example a player vote or dice roll.  Gamemasters, we place a few restrictions on events which are eligible for prize support. Please see your event worksheet. Unscheduled demos, free events, and events where part of the ticket price pays for prizes do not qualify for U-Con prizes.

Thanks to the generosity of many fine companies, we have a very nice selection of prizes.  The larger items will be raffled and many items will be traded directly for one or more prize tokens.

Some items to be raffled

Some items to be raffled

Every U-Con attendee gets a free raffle entry for one of our big prizes!  Bring your badge to ops to receive yours

Library Games and Prizes have been generously donated by:

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Updated menu for 2015:

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Green Cones


New this year: we will use green cones to denote games that are seeking players!


Are you looking for a game with an opening? Look for the green cones! GMs with open spots will use the green cones to show that they have openings. Use your Play Games All Weekend ribbon or generics to quickly join.


Do you have open seats?  Grab a green cone from the stash and display it on your table.  Then the players can find you!  Once the game starts, please put the cone back so others can use them.

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Here’s a mockup of the shirt for 2015:

U-Con 2015 Shirt

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2015 Site Map

U-Con 2015 is proving in a lot of ways to be our biggest convention yet.  Not only do we expect to surpass last year’s attendance, we have added two new floor spaces.

The registration desk is adjacent to the stairs to the 2nd floor, and the elevator is just behind the stairs.  Board games and miniatures will primarily be downstairs in the Ballroom and adjoining space.  Roleplaying Games will primarily be upstairs in the Conference area.  We have added Auditorium 1 for the Auction and Smithee Awards as well as Elizabeth Ann Ballroom, which will host Pathfinder Society.  Exhibitors will be in Auditorium 2 near registration on the first floor.  The Ballroom and some Conference rooms will remain open for late night open gaming!

  • First Floor Areas: Registration Desk, Food Service, Ballroom, Elizabeth Ann Ballroom, Exhibitors’ Hall (A.K.A Auditorium 2), Atrium (Fri/Sat only), Auditorium 1 (Fri/Sat only)
  • Second Floor Areas: Conference A-H, Seminar 1-5, Board Room


First Floor:

  • Registration Desk
  • Food Service
  • Ballroom: Board Games, Miniatures, and Amorphous Blob Games (details below)
  • Exhibitor’s Hall: Also known as Auditorium 2
  • Atrium: Open gaming, and lunch & dinner seating
  • Auditorium 1: Auction, Smithees
  • Elizabeth Ann Room: Pathfinder Society

Second Floor:

  • Conference A: Games on Demand
  • Conference B: We Hate Bards
  • Conference C: LARPs and Seminars
  • Conference D: Adventurer’s League
  • Conference E: Roleplaying events
  • Conference F: Living Arcanis & Witch Hunter
  • Conference G: OSR Track
  • Conference H: HERO games room
  • Board Room: Guest of Honor RPG Events
  • Seminar 1-4: Seminars and roleplaying events
  • Seminar 5: Tekumel Track events

Our board and miniatures gaming space is just down the hall from the registration desk in the ballroom.  Now that the whole ballroom is dedicated to gaming, we’ve laid it out a little differently this year.  We’re using the hallway space on the left side of the map for additional gaming space.  The Library area is in the back left corner of the main room.  Miniatures will take up a large portion of the room on the right side.  There are scheduled events on all of these tables, so please look for the table schedules on each table before choosing to hang out at a table.

U-Con 2015 Ballroom Layout - CLEAN

There is plenty of space to fill up your weekend with tons of games.  Please come and join in the fun!

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Charity Game Auction


U-Con meeples say hello!

Hello everyone. U-Con invites everyone to this year’s auction! There have been a lot of questions recently, so we thought we should explain how to enter items into the auction.

Before we start, we want to thank everyone who participated last year. All proceeds from the auction go to charity, and we raised more money last year than the previous three auctions combined! From everyone at U-Con thank you so much. Let’s see if we can do it again this year! Read more ›

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Gamemaster Instructions 2015


Sample Gamemaster Worksheet

Gamemasters!  We are thrilled that you’ve decided to bring your games and stories to U-Con.  Games are the whole reason we get together, which makes you a very important part of the team!

We revised our event information collection scheme in 2014 with the introduction of the well-received sticker-tickets.  We simplified our paperwork in order to get you to gaming even faster.  Here are some instructions to help you understand what to expect and to make your experience as smooth as possible.

When you arrive onsite, please check in with Registration to pick up your badge.  If you are a GM with a group such as Pathfinder Society please pick up your badge from your group leader.  You may also need to stop at Registration to pick up any tickets that you preregistered for.

Read more ›

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U-Con Book 2015

U-Con would like to thank our conbook staff as well as Dobby Doodles for our beautiful cover art and Matt Arnold for laying out this good-looking book.  Download it now!

U-Con 2015 Conbook

U-Con 2015 Conbook

All 2015 Event Changes are posted.

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