U-Con News and Reminders – 10/10/16

Hello Attendees,

Just a few of the things we wanted to remind you of this week.

New Artemis Events

Something new for U-Con. We’re hosting Artemis, a live, starship bridge simulator (via networked computers) for up to 6 players. (Please note: NO RIBBONS) Check it out at:

More Gaming Events Have Been Added

U-Con has more events than ever before! For those of you who have already pre-registered, you can see if there’s something else you’d like to play at:

Hotel Reservation Deadline: This Friday 10/14, 11:59p

Interested in staying at the beautiful, affordable, and adjoining Marriott Eagle Crest Ypsilanti during U-Con? See information on how to reserve today at:

Volunteer With Us

U-Con only succeeds with the help of our Volunteers. Please consider lending us a hand (and save yourself some money). Find details and our Volunteer application form at:

Thanks, and see you at the Con!

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Preregistration OPENS TODAY at 11 AM

Hello everyone,

U-Con PRE-REG IS OPEN today (9/22) at 11 AM!

Check out our events & programming and join us for THREE full days of gaming and fun: Friday, Nov 11th through Sunday, Nov 13th once again at the beautiful Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest.

* Order your U-Con badge (required for entry) at:

* Then, register for gaming events at:

Thanks and see you soon!

U-Con Team 2016


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U-Con Answers a First Timer’s Questions about Game Registration

A first-time attendee contact us today with questions.  Here is a heavily edited version of that conversation to help other folks who are attending their first U-Con!

First Timer: I’m wondering how the games work, here. I’ve never been to a gaming convention, so it’s new to me.

U-Con: Hi!  First convention?  We are honored!

First Timer: Looking at your schedule, there are a ton of games I want to try to play. Obviously there are only a certain number of available spots at each game. Do you have to pre-register to play those games? Read more ›

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Events Preview

We sent out notice yesterday to our gamemasters.  Now we’re letting everyone know.

U-Con: November 11-13, 2016 at Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest

Before preregistration goes live, we’d like to give you a chance to review the event schedule. Our event list is up on our website. However, ticket selection and purchases are still disabled.

Gamemasters, please contact us if you have any concerns about the schedule or how your event is listed.  The easiest way to look at your schedule is to use the search page. Please type your last name or your group name into the event search, e.g. Wick or Amorphous. You can also check to ensure your event is listed on appropriate tracks. Please use the event browse page and click on your track. Then use the find feature of your web browser (ctrl-f) to look for your name.

Preregistration will open Thursday September 22 at 11 AM EST.

Thank you for being a part of U-Con. Though our opening of preregistration was delayed, we are quite pleased with the selection of events. If we are missing games you want to play, please let us know or consider submitting additional events. We will keep Event Submission open as long as we can.

Events Team
U-Con 2016


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Gamemasters Wanted!

Gamemasters! U-Con’s event submission deadline is Friday 9/16 at 11:59p. Submit your events at: https://www.ucon-gaming.org/reg/gcs/gm/submit.php

As always, Gamemasters earn their badge refund for running 6 hours of events at U-Con. However, now gamemasters who go above and beyond by running a total of 16 hours of games can earn a Play Games All Weekend Ribbon.


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U-Con 2016 Special Guest Bill Webb

Bill Webb, Frog God Games

Bill Webb, Frog God Games

Having loved last year’s convention, Bill Webb has graciously agreed to return for his second U-Con!  Bill Webb is the founder of Frog God Games, one of the largest 3rd party publishers in the gaming industry.  Read more about Bill and all our guests of honor.

Mountains of Madness Cover_reducedFrog-God-Games-Logo_1

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U-Con 2016 Guest of Honor Darren Watts

Darren Watts, Hero Games and Indie Press Revolution

Darren Watts, Hero Games and Indie Press Revolution

Please join us in welcoming Guest of Honor Darren Watts! Darren is the former President of Hero Games and Indie Press Revolution, and was the primary writer on such titles as Champions Universe, Millennium City, Vibora Bay, UNTIL, and Hidden Lands. Read more about Darren and all our guests of honor.

He’s currently setting up a Kickstarter for Golden Age Champions, the Champions supplement for punching Nazis in the face.  At U-Con, Darren will offer a preview!

ToySoldier2 HeroSystem

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U-Con 2016 Special Guest Michael Surbrook

Michael Surbrook

Returning for his second U-Con, please welcome Special Guest Michael Surbrook.  Michael has written supplements for several editions of HERO System, and contributed to other roleplaying system game books.  Read more about Michael and all our guests of honor.

strike-force FHC Cover K5Cover

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U-Con 2016 Special Guest Marc Tassin

Marc Tassin, Mechanical Muse, Aetaltis

Please join us in welcoming Special Guest Marc Tassin!  Marc is the creator of the Aetaltis fantasy campaign setting, the founder of Mechanical Muse, and writer of both game material and speculative fiction.  Read more about Marc and all our guests of honor.



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U-Con 2016 Industry Insider Brendan LaSalle

Industry Insider Brendan LeSalle, Xcrawl

Please join us in welcoming Industry Insider Brendan J. LaSalle.  Is a game writer whose many credits include the award winning Age of Cthulhu: A Dream of Japan and Xcrawl: Anaheim Crawl.  Read more about Brendan and all our guests of honor.

GMG5070FCoverLarge pathfinder-rpg-maximum-xcrawl-core-rulebook-hardcover-goodman-games-c75

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