Get to know your U-Con Games Library (pt. 3)

Games Library Curator again, talking to you this time about the next generation of gamers. Just because you are in charge of looking after the wee ones doesn’t mean you can’t also game. The Games Library has several games geared towards the younger crowd: Fluxx has a family edition with simpler rules for the gamers in training and you don’t even have to read to play Loch Ness.


Banana Party is a big hit with the tiny gamers because who doesn’t like monkeys? Monster Laundry has Monsters who *are* the laundry (don’t get your hopes up though, I’m not sure Junior will be ready to take over that household chore…unless your laundry is all monsters). Super Vampire is a game where everyone participates as play goes on so nobody gets bored and Tiger Stripes is my newest addition. I don’t even know how to play it (but I’d absolutely be willing to crack it out and learn).
-Jeannette Q

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Last Hotel Reminder for 2017

Do you have a place to stay for U-Con this year? Here’s a quick reminder that the deadline for our special reservation rate at the Marriott ends tomorrow if you have yet to make arrangements. For more details, check out our venue page.

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Get to know your U-Con Games Library (pt. 2)

Get to know your U-Con Games Library:
Games Library Wrangler here with more U-Con Games Library tidbits. I want to talk about short little games today. The Library is full of these little gems; the perfect format to while away 15 to 30 minutes. They come in a couple different styles so if you have a favorite type of game there is probably a short little game for you.

Like card games? Try a round or two of 6Nimmt, or Nacho Loco. Put some chaos in there and go with Loonacy, any of the Fluxxes or go extreme chaos with Super Circles and Spot It. Do you like dice more? Zombie Dice or Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice have your back. Tsuro, Bananagrams or Piece of Cake cover the tile type games but there are so many more fun little games that you can stop and check out.
-Jeannette Q

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Cool happenings… IN SPACE!

Do you recognize how many cool things happen in space exploration every week? Potential origins of life, massive galaxies, and more. You can read about some of them over at Wired.

But our favorite thing in space is the 2017 U-Con theme – U-Con In Space! You can see how this year’s shirts will look (and get your pre-order in) over here.

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U-Con 2017 Shirts

Check out this year’s shirts! Navy 2017 shirt


We’ll have navy this year, with unisex from S-4XL, Ladies from M-3XL (we aren’t producing ladies smalls). We are encouraging pre-ordering now so that we don’t run out of the sizes of shirts you might want.


If you’re unsure of what size you might want, we’ve included a chart below to help you out 🙂


t-shirt size chart


Pick yours up today!

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Get to know your 2017 U-Con Staff – Fred

What I do IRL:
I write grants for a consulting firm, specializing in grants for local governments and non-profits
My history with U-Con:
This is my fifth or so U-Con, and my first year on the Convention Committee. In the past, I’ve volunteered and helped with prize support and event running. I’ve also played a lot of games
Other than games, I read, buy books, and I love to cook. The precision in baking lets me channel my frustrated inner chemist, only you can eat the results of your experiment. That was always a no-no in chemistry…. I also watch a fair number of bad movies.
Favorite game
Favorites are hard because I always feel like I’m going to forget something. The games I’ve logged the most time playing lately are Trivial Pursuit Master Game/Genus Edition (the original one from the early 1980s) and Sentinels of the Multiverse. (On Steam, I’ve also logged a ridiculous number of hours in FTL. On my PS4, I’m a fan of BioWare RPGs and Final Fantasy X and XII.)
Favorite past U-Con moment
The 2015 U-Con on Friday night. We were playing Titansgrave with a GoH, Nicole Lindroos who also helped create the game. We were all having so much fun—and laughing so hard—that the GM gave us some random surprise encounters because we were too distracted to notice. That was one of the most fun and most memorable experiences I’ve ever had while gaming. I still laugh when I think back on how we solved some of those encounters.
Advice for U-Con newbs
Aside from the usual con-going advice (eat, sleep, and shower), volunteer. It’s a great way to meet folks and make friends. Clones are also great for U-Con. I always find there are more games in any given time slot than I can play. Clones (or some sort of hivemind) would solve the problem….
– Fred, RPG Lead, ConTessa Liaison, and helped edit the con book

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Get to know your U-Con Games Library

First; a disclosure: I’m the keeper of the library so I might be a bit biased about this aspect of U-Con. One of my favorite things to do when I have downtime at the con is to grab a friend of mine who is also waiting on the next game, or for the lunch line to die down, or for the stars to align and go peruse the Games Library.


As of this writing, there are 222 games in the library and although I’ve played a lot of them, I haven’t played all of them. And a lot of the ones I have played are worth playing again. So if you have some time stop by and grab a game. Be adventurous, grab the prettiest. Or the biggest. Or the one with the most parts (quite possibly Eclipse). If you hate it, there are 221 other games and one of those has got to be your new favorite game.
-Jeannette Q

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U-Con 2017 Preregistration Open!

Dragon Keeper sculpture by Claude Raymond Design

Greetings Gamers!

U-Con 2017 will be held November 17-19 at the Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest.

Preregistration will open TODAY, Monday, September 25 at 11 AM EDT. As an existing member of our gaming community, preregistration will help you get an early sneak peek at what will be on offer and how you might want to start planning out your weekend. We are still adding events, including ones from our Guests of Honor, so stay tuned for updates!

We are still adding events, including ones from our Guests of Honor, so stay tuned for updates!

Gamemasters, are you running or could you run Starfinder, Bluebeard’s Bride, Cortex Plus or Cortex Prime at U-Con?  If you’ve already submitted or plan to submit your events by October 2nd, you will qualify for an opportunity to chat with one of our guests over breakfast! Look for our breakfast events in the schedule.

Finally, please join us in welcoming all our guests to U-Con 2017Look for their events by browsing the tag “guest.”

See you in November!

Events Team
U-Con 2017

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U-Con 2017: Events Preview


U-Con 2017 is November 17-19 at the Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest

Everyone: The events preview is posted to our website.  Registration and ticket selection are currently disabled, with a planned opening of Monday, Sept 25 at 11 AM EDT.  We are still adding events, including ones from our Guests of Honor, so stay tuned for updates!

Gamemasters: Before preregistration goes live, we’d like to give you a chance to review the event schedule and request changes.  The easiest way to look at your schedule is to use the search page.  Please type your last name or your group name into the event search, e.g. Banks or Amorphous. Apologies to the few people with duplicate last names – there is not a good way to filter for that currently.  Unique first names also work well.

You can also check to ensure your event is listed on appropriate tracks. Please use the event browse page and click on your track. Then use the find feature of your web browser (ctrl-f) to look for your name.

    • Check details, time, category, track, pricing.
    • Any editions to your events, please let us know.
    • Are your submitted events missing?
    • Do you have a conflict that you didn’t know of before?
    • Do your events overlap in a way that won’t work for you?

Please let us know of changes or concerns via our online contact form.

Thank you for being a part of U-Con. We are quite pleased with the selection of events. If we are missing games you want to play, please let us know or consider submitting additional events. We will keep Event Submission open until October 2.

See you in November!

Events Team
U-Con 2017

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Call for Photographer

Are you a professional or semi-professional photographer looking to get your name out? Are you going to be at this year’s U-Con? Do you wish you could help support this year’s con more but aren’t sure how?

If you answered yes to the above questions, let us know because we’d love your help in showing off how much fun we have this year!

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