Why should I volunteer?

  • Our gratitude!  Truly, U-Con can’t succeed without the hard work and loyal support of our volunteers. Year after year, our volunteers make U-Con very special.
  • We only ask a little..  We try to ask for only a little of your time to ensure that you still have plenty of gaming time.
  • We’re fun! We at U-Con like to think so, but we try to keep our volunteer demands light, so that you’ll come back for more.
  • Meet new, exciting people! If you’re new to U-Con or gaming cons, volunteering is a great way to meet other gamers.
  • Contributing to U-Con feels great! There is a real feeling of pride in giving back to your gaming community. Trust us, you won’t regret it.
  • Loot! Of sorts, see below.

Volunteer Incentives

  • At 6 hours of service, your badge is compensated.

Notes on Badge Compensation
Pay for your badge onsite or during preregistration normally.  When you complete your hours, we’ll refund your paid badge and you can keep your volunteer badge. Can’t prepay?  No problem.  We can schedule your time for early in the convention rather than having you prepay.

  • At 10 hours of service, you get a “Play Games All Weekend” Ribbon which grants free games all weekend or refunding your already purchased ribbon!
  • At 14 hours of service, you get a U-Con t-shirt, while supplies last, or refunding your already purchased t-shirt!

We typically work in 2-hour increments, so it’s possible to split up your volunteering into several blocks or do it all at once. The volunteer coordinator will work with you to schedule your volunteer hours. At the start of your shift, we’ll provide you with a volunteer badge.

Some Example Assignments

  • Operations and Information – Your job is to greet guests outside of Ops, manage traffic flow, answer questions, give tours or directions.
  • Registration Assistant – Your job is to help guests who are Pre-registered and guests who still need to register on-site.
  • Games Library Attendant – Your job is to monitor the Games Library, sign-in and -out games, and possibly play games with guests.
  • Event Runner – This job requires someone who is up and moving the entire time. You will also fill out a form, and account for tickets throughout your shift.
  • Exhibitor’s Hall Assistant – Your job is to assist exhibitors with toting merchandise to/from the Exhibitor’s Hall.
  • Set-up and Tear-down – This job requires you to be up early, or stay up late. One must be able to perform actions such as, bending, lifting, and carrying heavy items to/from Ops.

Concerned you can’t do a job but still want to help?  No problem.  We can work with your skills and limitations.

Any questions or just ready to help out?
Send us an email, Our volunteer coordinator can help you!

Thank you for contributing to U-Con!