Games on Demand

Games on Demand is a different RPG experience!

What is Games on Demand?

Games on Demand is an open-gaming event put on at various conventions, sometimes under the “Indie Games Exposition” organizational label. It typically consists of designated area with tables, materials, and a constant supply of enthusiastic volunteers prepared to run a variety of independent and cutting edge games.

Line up in the Games on Demand room at the beginning of each slot, and select a game first come first served.  Only generic tickets are accepted!

Intrepid GMs

Who can run Games on Demand?  You can!  Games on Demand follows a different process than our regular Event Submission process, although you can still qualify for a complementary GM badge as normal. If you’re interested in signing up, you can register as a GM using the two-step process linked below:

  1. GM Info:
  2. Event Info:

These Game Masters have volunteered so far, and their games are listed below.

  • Leonard Balsera
  • Roger Edge

How is it really different?

Unique Indie Games. Games on Demand gives you the opportunity to drop by and play (or run!) new and interesting games throughout the show. The event is organized and run by friendly volunteers, and serves as a showcase for the most exciting small press tabletop games available.

There’s Always a Ticket. Gaming conventions typically focus on scheduled games–you buy a ticket for an event, you find your seat, you play that game. But sometimes slots fill up, or the scheduling is impossible for you, or you can’t find the games that you want. These things happen, but it would be a shame if you couldn’t find a game to get into and have some fun.

Which games are on demand, exactly?

Games on Demand focuses on small press and independent games that often feature unusual mechanics or ideas, from creators and publishers who are mostly unknown in the broader industry. It’s very possible you won’t have heard about some of the games. No worries! The “on demand” part means that we’ll help you match your interests to a GM who is prepped and ready to go with just the right game.

Available Games

Games on Demand games are still coming in and will be posted in October but there will be plenty of time to decide which  you are going to play.


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