U-Con 2017 Incident Announcement and Followup

At our 2017 convention, an incident of harassment of an attendee was reported to our staff. During the Saturday evening gaming slot, a player walked up behind a player at another table, leaned down, and whispered sexual comments in her ear. When confronted by the player he targeted, he repeated himself and intensified the comments.

After investigating the matter, the U-Con Board has issued a two-year ban against this individual, barring him from all U-Con sponsored events until January 2020. His actions were harassing, disruptive, and threatening, and violate U-Con’s policies as well as any reasonable standard of appropriate behavior.

U-Con does not tolerate the harassment of attendees, U-Con Staff or Volunteers, hotel personnel, or anyone else. We are here to game. If you are incapable of following our policies and behaving in an appropriate manner and letting others game in peace, we do not want you here.

If you experience harassment at one of our events, you can report it to any U-Con staff member, who is required to escalate it to con leadership. Our policy is linked below.

Joe Saul
President, U-Con Gaming Club

U-Con’s Conduct Policy: https://www.ucon-gaming.org/convention-details/policies/