Now accepting event submissions for our 2018 convention!

Greetings GameMasters! Event submissions are now being accepted for U-Con 2018, Nov 9-11! As always, in exchange for your commitment, you’ll receive a GM badge that will allow you access to the convention all weekend, while All-Star GMs (who run 16+ event hours) will earn a Play Games All Weekend Ribbon!

Are you planning on running a game at U-Con 2018? Read on! If you’re just coming to play, you can skip this one and just appreciate how far in advance folks prepare to make this a fun event for you. 🙂


We are working to improve our registration process.  As of this year, you’ll be able to log in to see your submitted events and eventually your schedule.  Just head over to create your login, then submit your events!
You can find more info about being a GM or if you have any questions, please send us a message.
Thanks, and good gaming!
Your U-Con Team

Nick runs U-Con's social media. He got re-involved with board gaming when he found a mostly intact copy of HeroQuest at a garage sale. He started volunteering at U-Con in 2015. His current favorites are Bunny Kingdom, Viticulture, and Star Realms, but he's always looking for the next great game.

2 Comments on “Now accepting event submissions for our 2018 convention!

  1. Hello! Team U-Con. I’m looking forward to attending your game convention again in the Fall. I’ve GM’d several games at past U-Con events with great success.

    Tell us, what’s this about “Weak Password” when trying to create a Login ID to GM register for your convention? We’re not wire transferring money to offshore bank accounts or launching nuclear missiles. I used a password that had a combination of upper case and lower case letters and symbols and numbers. Would you or your associates look into this and adjust U-Con’s Server settings to make it less password-sensitive?



    • Norman, we used a library for password checking. You will be able to get past the strength checker by selecting a password that consists of multiple words, rather than something like a l33t-speak single word. This is far more secure and easier to remember. You’ll also be able to reset your password in the future, if you forget it and don’t use a password library like Keepass or Lastpass. Further, we don’t know what we might want to do with logins in the future, but we’ve taken every step we can to protect your passwords from getting leaked. Best wishes!