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U-Con Answers a First Timer’s Questions about Game Registration

A first-time attendee contact us today with questions.  Here is a heavily edited version of that conversation to help other folks who are attending their first U-Con! First Timer: I’m wondering how the games work, here. I’ve never been to

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OSR Track

The con kicks off today with Registration opening at 8am and events starting at 9am.  Among the con’s highlights is the OSR Track which is continuing from 2014. The OSR Track has received sponsorship from the Open Gaming Store.  Because of their

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Prize Support

Some of our games this year have prize support provided by the Envoy program from Double Exposure.  When you play in a participating game, you are entered for a raffle to win the play copy.  See the Envoy table in the

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Updated menu for 2015:

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Green Cones

New this year: we will use green cones to denote games that are seeking players! Players: Are you looking for a game with an opening? Look for the green cones! GMs with open spots will use the green cones to show that they

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Here’s a mockup of the shirt for 2015:

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2015 Site Map

U-Con 2015 is proving in a lot of ways to be our biggest convention yet.  Not only do we expect to surpass last year’s attendance, we have added two new floor spaces. The registration desk is adjacent to the stairs to

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Charity Game Auction

Hello everyone. U-Con invites everyone to this year’s auction! There have been a lot of questions recently, so we thought we should explain how to enter items into the auction. Before we start, we want to thank everyone who participated

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Gamemaster Instructions 2015

Gamemasters!  We are thrilled that you’ve decided to bring your games and stories to U-Con.  Games are the whole reason we get together, which makes you a very important part of the team! We revised our event information collection scheme in

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Games on Demand!

New this year: U-Con is hosting games on demand! Players can bring a couple generic tickets (or a ribbon!) and games will be run first come, first serve. Get more info. Gamemasters, do you have some games in your pocket

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