Miniatures Game Requests

Itching for Battletech?  What about Warhamer?  What Minis games do you want to play at U-Con?  Tell us so we can find gamemasters to run them.  Please leave comments with specific games and systems.

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3 Comments on “Miniatures Game Requests

  1. There has been a recent explosion in popularity of Warmachine / Hordes (same system, both owned by Privateer Press) over Warhammer in the SE Michigan area. I’ve seen at least 15 local Ann Arbor players convert over from Warhammer. Winners of major conventions (e.g. in Chicago) are also in the area.

    Without getting into reasons why this system is gaining popularity, I do suggest either having a tournament, or an open-gaming table managed by some of the “Press Gangers” in the area to promote the game.

  2. I live in the Flint area, and know of a number of players that would travel to U-Con for a Heroclix event! This is an exciting year for NECA-Wizkids, and there is tons of new product coming out.