To Our Warhammer 40K Players

Last year, circumstances beyond our control resulted in the cancellation of the 40K tournament. Not only was this disappointing to us, but also to the players we had to turn away as a result of it. In an effort to make amends, we made a few changes that should not only result in a great event, but also to allow it the chance to grow and expand in the years to come.

First, the GM. Joshua Linde has volunteered to judge this year’s event, and has come up with some scenarios to show off the new 6th edition rules. If you are not familiar with him, he has run several successful events in the Lansing area. He also has two blogs, both of which have the rules and scenarios for each round of the event. and

Second, the prizes. We wanted this to be big, so we asked several stores for their support. Pandemonium in Garden City, Game Links in Fowlerville, and Evolution Games in Lansing all answered the call. They have supplied over $400 in prizes, with top prize being a Dark Vengeance box set and a Gamer’s Edition rulebook set!

Third, the price. After some discussion, we decided to lower the price of a Sunday day badge. Not only would this make the event more affordable, but it will also hopefully increase the turnout on Sunday as well.  The price for a Sunday day badge is $10, and the event ticket is $5, making it only $15 to get in.  Or come for the whole weekend for not much more.

Pre-registration closes on October 12th, so register before it’s too late and select your Warhammer event ticket.

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