What games are these? I do no know!

They are in the [[open gaming|U-Con Games Library]] though!

Along with the scheduled events being offered at U-Con, there is also a whole stack of games available for anyone to check out from the U-Con Games Library. How do I know? I might have offered to wrangle it so there is a very good possibility that many boxes of ‘new games to add to the existing library’ have taken up residence in my house. Anyway, curiosity got the better of me the other morning so I took a peek in one of the boxes and found these interesting items:

Crows? I’m not even sure what you would do if you were playing a game of crows (other than behead your lieutenant and cause a full scale civil war…oh wait, that’s a Game of Thrones. Sorry). Naturally I took a quick peek and found…

Crows! The parts list also includes “Shiny Bits” which now makes me want to figure out how to play this game. Hee. Shiny bits.

This second game came to my attention only because it was packed sideways but not wedged tight so all its pieces parts got shaken out of their molded spots and were loose in the inside. I thought I’d quick set them to rights and be on my way but 15 minutes later I was still trying to figure out how to pack the pointy 11s and the straight 11s in the same indentation. Never mind that every time I turned around I found a new and different looking piece labeled ‘3’ .I have no idea how to play this game but it has got to be easier than packing it back together.

It has a hammer, money and what looks like tabs and slots in the cardboard pieces for building some sort of structure. Could be fun!

So if you’ve ever seen a game and thought “What sort of a game is THAT?” or “How do you play with dice, chits, money and sunglasses?” this is your chance to satisfy your curiosity. Take a wander through the Games Library and pick up Crows or Master Builder. Maybe you’ll be able to tell me why a hammer.


**You can purchase generic tickets to play a games from the library or play for free all weekend with a purchase of a $15 “Play Games All Weekend” ribbon**

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