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How about a nice game of Dominion?

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2012 Events added after preregistration opened

Events added after preregistration opened, in mid-September, are included here.  Events were added for Miniatures, Board Games, and Roleplaying.

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What’s a New Player to Do?

While looking at comics you might have noticed a flyer in the shop for this U-Con Gaming Convention and thought, “I like games, maybe I’ll check them out.” Or perhaps your friend, spouse or neighbor has been going to this

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What games are these? I do no know!

They are in the U-Con Games Library though! Along with the scheduled events being offered at U-Con, there is also a whole stack of games available for anyone to check out from the U-Con Games Library. How do I know?

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Cooperation Board Games

Most of the time, games are about which player gets the highest score or accomplishes a task first. However, there are a family of games where either everyone wins, or everyone loses. Today, I would like to give a brief

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Ticket to Ride

How about a nice game of Ticket to Ride?

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2012 U-Con Formula-D Racing Series Cup

Four available Races on three different days will determine the overall champion for the racing series. Get ready to push your engine to its limit, to hug the curves in the tight corners, but also to keep up with your

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Board Game Track Updated

Here is an updated board game request list.  Everything crossed out has been submitted.  I have a bunch here that I have personal requests out for people to run them.  If you are interested in becoming a GM, and own

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Train Games

We have hosted the Train Gamers Association at U-Con for years.  Each year, they bring us 30+ events that relate to trains.  While these games are part of the Puffing Billy® Tournament, you need not participate in the tournament to

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Fluxx Capacity

How about a nice game of Fluxx?

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