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Donations 2012

U-Con would like to thank the generous companies who donated prizes for U-Con 2012.  Thanks to you, we had a fantastic collection of prizes for our events.  Please visit some of these websites to show your thanks! Asmodee Eagle Games

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U-Con Games Library Day

U-Con has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you have to wait the whole year for another game fix. Please join me on Sunday, November 11th at The Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti for random games from the games library.

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Slay the Beast!

Please join us as we slay the beast.  He’s mean and loud and made of balloons.  He must not survive the convention! At 1:45 we’re going to stomp on the giant balloon.  Please come down and stomp with us.  If

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Last Minute Contact

EVERYONE! We are excited to say that U-Con can accept credit cards this year for sales at registration. However, in a sad turn of events the food stand won’t be able to accept credit cards. We are relying on these

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Onsite Food Hours and Menu

We have worked with the Eagle Crest chef to create a menu with a variety of options at reasonable prices. Any money you spend on food from the stand at the hotel will go directly to U-Con and help defray

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Our Guide to a Healthy Con

With U-Con immediately following the summer convention season, many of those attending may have had recent and harrowing interactions with the vicious (and viscous) plague known as the Con Crud. Because we like you and want you to remain healthy

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U-Con Gaming Convention 2012

Preregistration is closed, please register on site. Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest October 26-28, 2012 – Friday 12pm – Sunday 7pm We have 370 individual games and events.  You can peruse the online list however purchases will be handled

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Site Organization

U-Con 2012 is really close now!  We thought we should tell you about how the site is organized.  Our space consists of the large ballroom on the first floor, a registration desk on the first floor, and nine conference rooms

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Con Book Preview

Whoa!  U-Con starts in 9 days.  We are making final arrangement: printing tickets, ordering shirts, jumping up and down from excitement.  The final proof for the shirts is on the right! Event submission closed over a week ago.  If you

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These Are My Dice

There are many dice like them, but these are my dice. I don’t think that Gamers are any more superstitious than any other group but I have noticed that Gamers have very strong ties with their dice. It’s like any

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