Ticket to Ride Tournament

At U-Con each year, a group called the Train Gamers Association (TGA) hosts a series of events called [Puffing Billy®].  These events form a tournament across multiple events in 9 categories.  This year, the TGA together with Days of Wonder had made a special announcement.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ticket to Ride, they are running a year-long World Championship tournament.  We will be running five of the qualifiers for the North American championship, which will be held at Gen Con on Sunday AFTER our tournament is complete.

Details are still being developed but we know that we will run qualifying Ticket to Ride tournaments at the following TGA-sanctioned events:

U-Con Ann Arbor MI November 22-24
Chattanooga Rail Game Challenge  Chattanooga TN January 17-19
Genghis Con Denver CO February 15-17
Origins Columbus OH June 12-16
Gen Con Indianapolis IN August 14-16

We will keep you posted as we have more information, and you can keep checking our website at www.traingamers.com as well.

Look for Ticket to Ride and other Puffing Billy events at U-Con.

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