U-Con 2017: Events Preview


U-Con 2017 is November 17-19 at the Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest

Everyone: The events preview is posted to our website.  Registration and ticket selection are currently disabled, with a planned opening of Monday, Sept 25 at 11 AM EDT.  We are still adding events, including ones from our Guests of Honor, so stay tuned for updates!

Gamemasters: Before preregistration goes live, we’d like to give you a chance to review the event schedule and request changes.  The easiest way to look at your schedule is to use the search page.  Please type your last name or your group name into the event search, e.g. Banks or Amorphous. Apologies to the few people with duplicate last names – there is not a good way to filter for that currently.  Unique first names also work well.

You can also check to ensure your event is listed on appropriate tracks. Please use the event browse page and click on your track. Then use the find feature of your web browser (ctrl-f) to look for your name.

    • Check details, time, category, track, pricing.
    • Any editions to your events, please let us know.
    • Are your submitted events missing?
    • Do you have a conflict that you didn’t know of before?
    • Do your events overlap in a way that won’t work for you?

Please let us know of changes or concerns via our online contact form.

Thank you for being a part of U-Con. We are quite pleased with the selection of events. If we are missing games you want to play, please let us know or consider submitting additional events. We will keep Event Submission open until October 2.

See you in November!

Events Team
U-Con 2017