Prize Support at U-Con 2017

U-Con 2017 prize support is going to be exciting again this year. We have hundreds of games to choose from, ranging between 1 and 9 prize tokens. They’ve been generously donated by companies such as ACD Distribution, Cheapass Games, Looney Labs, Goodman Games and all the rest as shown on the Prize Support web page. You’ll get a chance to win prize tokens at almost every event at this year’s Con! And make sure to bring in your saved-up tokens from prior U-Cons as they’re good from year to year. When you have one or more tokens, go ‘shop’ at the prize support item display near registration and enjoy your new prize!

In addition, we’re bringing back the prize raffle! Saturday evening at 6:45pm and Sunday late morning at 11:45am we’ll draw for winners of prizes by Elderwood Academy, ACD Distribution, and other exciting items. Everyone gets one free raffle entry with their badge, so make sure to enter! Plus you’ll be able to use prize support tokens to get more raffle entries, one token per extra entry. Please note that to win you have to be present at the drawing, which will be at the registration desk, and holding the winning raffle ticket. May the odds be ever in your favor!