8-23-2020 Virtual Games Library Day Info!

Ach. Sorry for the lateness: tomorrow is the first ever Virtual Games Library Day! I hope you can join us online from noon to 8pm or any time between to play some games. I’ve coerced some friends into running games so we have a handful to offer but anyone who wants to try running a virtual game is absolutely welcome to pop on. If you just want to play a game that too is a thing that can be done!

FIRST: How do I get to Virtual Games Library? We are coordinating through U-Con’s Discord server (Invite here: https://discord.gg/cSDKqk) so log on and pop on. I’ll be on U-Con’s FB page as well as Discord when I am not running a game so if you are having a bad technology day give me a ping.

SECOND: What do I do once I’m on the Discord? The Games Library has a section of its own in the server so head there. There are 2 open chat channels and 5 open video channels:

  • Games-library-days-chat is for light fluffy stuff or questions. I’ll be monitoring this for anyone who might be having problems. Or for anyone who wants a kick-butt recipe for Finnish pan cakes. 
  • Games-Library-platform-information is where GMs post where they are running their game if they plan on using software other than this Discord. 
  • Tables 1-5 are video rooms. I will assign Tables to GMs who want them.

THIRD: I’m a GM, what do I do? If you are one of my awesome test GMs and I’ve already talked to you about running something, either go to your assigned Discord Table room or post your information (game and link to game platform) in the Games-Library-platform-information channel. Wait for players. If you are a drop in GM, Pop onto the Games-library-days-chat channel and let me know what game you’d like to run and what software. I’ll add you to the Event Info on Facebook and either assign you a table in the Discord and tell you to head over to the  Games-Library-platform-information channel and post your game information there (for walk ins I’ll use this channel for the U-Con discord Tables as well-just tell them it’s this Discord – Table X). GMs, please monitor U-Con’s Discord for messages from players wanting to join your games-they should message you any requests.

Cheryl OroszPotion Explosion (and maybe others as time permits)Boardgame Arena 12:30-2:00
Matt QuirkDeadwoodU-Con Discord – Table 112:30-2:30
Scott RunnerFlash Point: Fire RescueBlue Jeans2-4
Kevin HoganKenny G: Keeping it SaxyGoogle Hangouts4-5
Scott RutterStar Trek 5 Year MissionBlue Jeans5-7
Jeannette QuirkKing of TokyoU-Con Discord Table 16-8

FOURTH: I’m a player, what do I do? For this run, we are going to play it first come first serve so find a game you’d like to play and message the GM for an invite – look in the Games-Library-platform-information channel for who is running what. 

FIFTH: This is the first Virtual Games Library so please be patient with players and GMs. We will have some kinks to work out but we will make notes and next time will be even better. Log on, have fun, and Play those games!