Event News: Narosia at U-Con

Shane Harsch, long-time U-Con gamemaster and local game designer, has a Kickstarter for Narosia: Sea of Tears, a game he has been running at U-Con for years. Shane has released as set of Quick Start materials that can give you a detailed insight into the game and into the setting. Shane will be using these materials to run a session of Narosia Quick Start on Saturday at U-Con assuming all goes well with the Kickstarter.

Shane is working with local artist Universe-M Productions, who have provided U-Con are many times in the past including this year’s promotional materials. Universe-M will be doing all of the art in the book to ensure a consistent look and feel.  Additionally, Shane has partnered with Kenneth Hite, Adam Jury of Posthuman Studios, and Darren Watts of Silverback Press, assembling an outstanding team of authors and artists to craft an amazing book.  So, take a look at the materials, and if fantasy roleplaying is your thing let’s help make this happen.
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