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U-Con 2012 is really close now!  We thought we should tell you about how the site is organized.  Our space consists of the large ballroom on the first floor, a registration desk on the first floor, and nine conference rooms on the 2nd floor.

The best entrance to take is labeled with a black circle.  The registration desk is right in front of that door, labeled with the star.  If you take the hotel entrance, go past the lobby, veer to the right, and follow the hallway until you reach our registration desk.

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Our first floor gaming space is just down the hall from the registration desk in the ballroom.  We have divided up the ballroom into a few different areas, so please see the map on the right. The main entry way is from the bottom of the image, in the area with the flier table.  There are open tables in this space for open gaming.

The door on the right leads to open gaming space and the Exhibitor Hall.  That open gaming space here will be available the same hours as the exhibitor hall.

The left door leads to the area with several game libraries.  Mayfair has Giant Settler running every couple ours as well as a few scheduled events and their game library.  This area also boasts the Origins Awards Traveling Road Show.  The OATRS library has some of the latest and most popular new games of the last few years!  Finally, we have a third library, the U-Con Library, generously donated by game companies!  The libraries provide a great way to try games before you decide to make a purchase.  You can borrow a game for a generic ticket or show your Play Games ribbon.

The center door leads to the area for board games and miniatures.  We have 45 tables for events, and we left space in the schedule so games don’t have to hurry up and clear out before the next game starts.  There is extra room to play pickup games in here as well, but please give priority to all scheduled events.

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The registration desk is adjacent to the stairs to the 2nd floor, and the elevator is just behind the stairs.  We have nine conference rooms on the 2nd floor.  During most of the convention, roleplaying events are scheduled here, with three notable exceptions.  The first exception is that on Friday afternoon, board games are scheduled in some areas (before the ballroom is available).  The second is that Amorphous Blob is hosting both board games and rpgs in their room in Conference D.  The third exception is that all late night gaming, including space for pick-up games, is on the 2nd floor.

Conference A and Conference C are designated special event rooms.  Conference A will host the gamer swap meet, the auction, seminars with guest of honor Jason Caminsky, and the screening of the Smithee awards.  Conference C will host costuming seminars, a Live Action Role Play, and several special role-playing events.  Conference D is the home of Amorphous Blog, and thus another place you can find board games in the conferences area.  Conference B host the Living Arcanis events, as well as overflow space for other events.  Conferences E and F are the home of role-playing games with independent GMs.  The Board Room is the home of the Tekumel Track and a few special events.  Conference G is the home of Game Base 7 Wolverines, who are running several different RPGs.  Finally, Pathfinder Society will take up Conference H, the only room with enough space for it!

There is plenty of space to fill up your weekend with tons of games.  Please come and join in the fun!


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