2017 Guest of Honor breakfast

GMs, want to get, from the source, answers to your game system specific questions and get to know the Guests of Honor better?  Check out our Sunday breakfast, where you will be eligible to join them!

The following Guests of Honor who will be in attendance are:

James Sutter, Sarah “Doombringer” Richardson, Whitney “Strix” Beltran, and Cam Banks.

The GMs who will be eligible for this exclusive event are:
GMs running Starfinder games
GMs running Bluebeard’s Bride games
GMs running Cortex Prime or Cortex Plus games

As you know, we run with a tight budget to keep our costs low so payment for breakfast will need to be covered by you, but we will reserve a seat at the table if you let us know you’d like to attend 🙂 See https://www.ucon-gaming.org/program/guest-of-honor/ for more details on our U-Con 2017 Guests of Honor!


Nick runs U-Con's social media. He got re-involved with board gaming when he found most of a copy of HeroQuest at a garage sale. His current favorite games are Codenames, Boss Monster, and Roll for the Galaxy, but he'd love for someone to show him how to play Tiny Epic Quest.

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2 comments on “2017 Guest of Honor breakfast
  1. Robert Ahrens says:

    Uhhhhh … how do we let you know we’d like to attend?