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2017 Guest of Honor breakfast

GMs, want to get, from the source, answers to your game system specific questions and get to know the Guests of Honor better?  Check out our Sunday breakfast, where you will be eligible to join them! The following Guests of

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Costume Track

New this year – we have the beginnings of a costuming track.  In addition to having a costume contest on Saturday evening, we have three seminars about costuming.  We also have a LARP for which costumes are not required, but

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Now with Open Gaming

U-Con has an excellent variety of open games thanks to Mayfair, the Origins Awards library, and the generous donations of companies listed on the right of the page. Open games will be available in the board games room.  They are

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The Balloonatic

In Michigan there resides a man, a mad scientist of sorts. His creations have been seen at the Motor City Comic Con and at GenCon. Now, he’s bringing his talents to U-Con.  To his friends, he’s Tim Thurmond. To everyone

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Dominion Tournament

We have a very exciting announcement regarding our program.  U-Con 2012 has been selected as host for the Dominion Regional Qualifier.

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An Introduction to Ultimate Chaos: Sample Game Part 2

In part 1, we left our players Cardinal Fang (playing On the Edge), Cookie Monster (Munchkin), Beaw (Netrunner), and The Brit (Magic: the Gathering) just after The Brit had completed a successful run against Beaw’s HQ, stealing a 1-point Agenda. 

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An Introduction to Ultimate Chaos: Sample Game Part 1

Hi, I’m David Spitzley, and I’m running a session of Ultimate Chaos at U-Con 2012 (time TBD).  Ultimate Chaos is simple enough to describe:  Each player selects a different card game (collectible or non-collectible), and plays it against the others,

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Special Event Requests

What kind of other events do you want to see at U-Con?  Do you LARP?  Do you Smithee?  Do you want to learn how to write or how to run a kickstarter project?  What kind of seminars and other events

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