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2017 Guest of Honor breakfast

GMs, want to get, from the source, answers to your game system specific questions and get to know the Guests of Honor better?  Check out our Sunday breakfast, where you will be eligible to join them! The following Guests of

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Crafting RPG Events for Conventions

by @ShaneHarsch  Writing adventures is definitely an art, and like art everyone knows it when they see it, though they often don’t agree on what IT is. Convention events are a special type of adventure – you need to facilitate a

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Board Game Track

Calling all board game GMs!  We sent out the call for board game requests a couple weeks ago and compiled the results.

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My Gamemaster Bag

What is in my convention bag? Material for running my games: game box, rule books, dice, pencils, cheat sheets, miniatures, markers to represent hordes of bad guys or action points. Extra materials for players: paper, pencils, dice, characters. Extra writing

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Preparing to Run a Convention RPG

U-Con is a convention with quite a bit of variety in roleplaying games. If you are interested in gamemastering an RPG for U-Con, here are a few things to consider.

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Guide to Event Submission

So you want to run a game at U-Con?  Be sure to think out your answers first before filling out the submission form.  If you have any questions about how the game entry will run in the book, contact the

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