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Wizards Duel in Magic: the Gathering

The game Magic: the Gathering (a.k.a. M:TG) broke new ground when it was published in 1993.  It was the first trading card game – a game where you collect cards and select some to add to your deck.  In Magic,

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How about a nice game of Dominion?

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2012 Events added after preregistration opened

Events added after preregistration opened, in mid-September, are included here.  Events were added for Miniatures, Board Games, and Roleplaying.

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What’s a New Player to Do?

While looking at comics you might have noticed a flyer in the shop for this U-Con Gaming Convention and thought, “I like games, maybe I’ll check them out.” Or perhaps your friend, spouse or neighbor has been going to this

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Costume Track

New this year – we have the beginnings of a costuming track.  In addition to having a costume contest on Saturday evening, we have three seminars about costuming.  We also have a LARP for which costumes are not required, but

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To Our Warhammer 40K Players

Last year, circumstances beyond our control resulted in the cancellation of the 40K tournament. Not only was this disappointing to us, but also to the players we had to turn away as a result of it. In an effort to

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Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society is arguably the strongest organized play system out currently, and we’re only getting bigger and better every year. Last year we sat roughly 300 players, and this year is looking even better. We’re looking to see roughly 385+

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What games are these? I do no know!

They are in the U-Con Games Library though! Along with the scheduled events being offered at U-Con, there is also a whole stack of games available for anyone to check out from the U-Con Games Library. How do I know?

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Cooperation Board Games

Most of the time, games are about which player gets the highest score or accomplishes a task first. However, there are a family of games where either everyone wins, or everyone loses. Today, I would like to give a brief

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Ticket to Ride

How about a nice game of Ticket to Ride?

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